Washington Acres

Exterior Progress

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Great news! We didn’t have to tear down the house! I hired a structural engineer to take a look at everything, and he said it’s not terrible, but it’s not good. It looks like we have to do some beefing up to a structural beam. But the work can be done from the inside, so we got the thumbs up to carry on with roofing and siding.

The roof is 95% done (just waiting for one last piece of flashing to arrive), but the siding has lots left to do. The front is almost done, but the rest of the house is 50% done.


Unfortunately, the rotten bedroom bump-out addition had to go. We had plans to re-build it, but our contractor ran out of time so he walled it up. Hopefully we can get to it next year.

Nick rebuilt the dry-rotted deck this summer. No more painted plywood! And the siding in that area was just finished so I caulked and painted it this weekend. I LOVE the color, Nick hates it. But he eventually got tired disagreeing with me so I won. 🙂 I spent most of Sunday sitting on the front porch admiring the only finished area of the house.


We are months behind schedule, and I can’t paint when the temperature gets below 50 degrees. So I hired one of our contractor’s guys to help me out. He seemed to think it was only going to take him a couple days to do the whole house. It took me two days to caulk that small area by the deck! We’ll see. I’m just crossing my fingers it gets done before the cold hits!


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