Washington Acres

Holy Moly Money Pit


We’ve officially surpassed $60,000 in renovations and repairs! After adding up our most recent Home Depot purchases, our current total is $60,009. Despite this, the toilet is still sitting on 2x4s and we have a utility sink for a kitchen. Yikes.

Good news is there isn’t a whole lot left to do. Just a bit of drywall finishing, flooring, window trimming, and kitchen and bath finishing. Our contractor stopped by over the weekend to make a plan for the subfloor replacement. We have two weekends before work begins and it would be really nice if I got all the drywall done and walls painted before new hardwood goes in. Too bad I suck at drywall.

But looking back, I think we’ve accomplished much in the past two years and we’re getting close! The outside is almost finished with just a bit of siding left to go on in the back. The new windows, roof, and roof overhang really made a huge difference.


Other than a lot of drywall work being done, most of the interior projects haven’t progressed much in the past year. We did, however, get some new carpet. The carpet on the spiral stairs was begging to be replaced since we moved in. I finally found a good carpet guy and it’s done! I was spraypainting the treads as he was taking them off, and then did the whole staircase as he left for a lunch break. Note to self: Do not spraypaint indoors ever again. Everything was covered in a black film after the paint cloud settled! At least the stairs are looking better. (Pardon the mess, it’s a never ending battle!)


New carpet was also put in the sunroom. We had installed wood laminate in there not too long ago, but cheap laminate does not go with fancy new hardwood. So I took it out and donated it to the carpet guy who was doing some free work for an old lady with a rotten floor that didn’t have any money. I got to see the old vinyl underneath everything one more time!


Although the house is still mostly a wreck, most of the materials are paid for and so is our contractor (who only has maybe two weekends worth of work left to do for us). I’m hoping we’ll be done within the next 6 months. I know, I’m overly optimistic. But I’m looking forward to a break from house stuff for at least a year. You know, so we can work on landscaping and furniture building projects instead. Plus Nick has a new toy to play with. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Holy Moly Money Pit

  1. I am so proud of all the work you guys have accomplished! That is a HUGE project!!!

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