Washington Acres

Front Yard Design

245 Tracy Rd, Waitsburg, WA 99361

Special Instructions

• Colors: Green, yellowish green, purple. See example photos below.
• Need new path that makes sense. Same start point next to driveway that ends at the front steps. Material needs to be solid so we can shovel snow off in the winter.
• White plastic fence will be replaced with a wood one that is stained dark like the front deck
• Still need to keep some grass area for kids
• Plant the area where the fence posts are going to be removed
• Please include boulders in the design. We are able to bring some from around the property. They aren’t too huge, maybe 1.5’ tall at the most and then smaller.
• The very front of the house is shady for most of the day. Need shade tolerant plants there.




Photos Round 2