Washington Acres

Hiring Help and Having Hope

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I want my house to look like this:


But in reality, I’m stuck looking at this:


And living here while in the middle of a million renovations is tough. Really tough. There’s garbage and building materials everywhere…


Kids end up napping wherever you happen to be working…


And then the mice. Don’t get me started on the mice. Thankfully the house is driving them nuts too so they started killing themselves.


To re-gain some sanity, I decided to call in the pros. Let’s face it- I’m not helping with repairing the existing foundation, replacing the roof with giant pieces of metal, or hanging cement board siding that weighs as much as I do. I like to do things like install flooring or put up trim. I even started liking mudding drywall. You know, projects that don’t need man muscle.

Amazingly, I found a contractor that didn’t run away screaming. Five contractors visited the property before I found The One. And ok, they didn’t run away screaming. They pretended to be interested, or waaaaaay overbid what I wanted purposely to NOT have to do the job. And yes, that’s when I was looking for someone to do a pain-in-the-butt kind of addition. But after I mentioned those that came before him, this contractor said he thought doing the addition project would be “Fun.” Fun! There is hope after all.

I recently found out that my office addition master plan was a total fail because it would be too close to the septic drain field. So if we want more space it’s back to the sunroom side. I’m seriously considering pursuing this again assuming this guy does an awesome job on fixing what’s already here.

As long as there aren’t any catastrophic/expensive surprises, the roof, foundation, siding, and subfloor replacement should be done by the end of next month. That’s soon! And with these big hairy projects out of the way, I can focus on finishing the projects I like to work on. Like killing mice. I mean tiling the floor.


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