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Heat pump disaster

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On December 31, 2013, our new heat pump was finally installed. The old propane stove was burning fuel like nobody’s business and we decided to get rid of it after it burned about $400 worth of fuel in less than a month. We called up a local HVAC company and pulled the trigger on a $5800 system (Fujitsu model number: AOU36RLXFZ).

It worked great, at first. But by the time I put in a FIFTH service call in November 2014, less than one year of owning it, I realized we had a serious lemon on our hands. This time the entire outdoor unit was toast. We’re STILL waiting for it to be fixed.

I did a little researching online, and found a great forum where many other people experienced problems with their Fujitsu heat pump as well:

Why I can no longer recommend Fujitsu mini-split heat pumps: Poor product durability eliminates all cost savings gained from efficiency

Lesson learned: don’t buy a Fujitsu heat pump. In fact, I’m completely turned off by expensive “green” technology that is supposedly designed to be super-efficient and low-cost to run but truly is a gigantic waste of money. I don’t want a heat pump at all. Unfortunately, I was refused a full refund.

Right around the November death of the heat pump, we bought an older wood stove off our local Facebook classifieds page for just $200. We bought some needed stovepipe for another $100. It does a fantastic job warming the house, even in really low temperatures. And guess what? Firewood is free. I wish we just installed some more electric baseboard heat and got a really nice efficient wood stove professionally installed from the get-go. Hopefully our disaster will be a warning to others so they can make a more informed decision when considering replacing existing heating systems.

Not to mention, this doesn't need electricity and is quite handy when the power goes out!

Not to mention, this doesn’t need electricity and is quite handy when the power goes out!


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