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Kitchen Islands

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We’ve been working on the kitchen the past few weeks and making progress! As Nick continues to hang drywall, I’m working on the island. We went ahead and put a new plywood face on the existing island. All it needs now is some paint and trim, kind of like this:


We are not planning on getting fancy countertops for a while, so I just figured I can make some inexpensive tiled counters for now. And then I saw this!

How awesome would an island made out of agate be?! I instantly knew that’s what I needed to have, and knew exactly how I was going to make it. The only problem is, I need agate. A TON of agate. And it turns out it’s not that cheap, unless you’re lucky and find a deal or start cutting your own. Since it’s going to take some time to find enough, this project is on the back burner for now.

But I’m going to need a functioning kitchen until then. Because we don’t plan on ever moving, I still wanted to do something unique and weird that maybe no one will love but me (and hopefully the husband too). Since I’ve always been interested in concrete counters, I thought we might give it a go and see how it turns out. I even bought rocks to inlay. I can’t believe I paid for ROCKS. And I don’t mean the fancy polished agate (which I also bought), but river rock. :/

I saw this awesome sink on etsy and am going for something similar. Wish us luck!



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