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One Year Update

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I can’t believe we’ve been here an entire year! Ok, more than a year. This post is definitely overdue. But we were busy getting married and stuff, and then my laptop died. But less than two months overdue is close enough! After all this time, it feels like we didn’t get a whole lot done. A dozen projects started, over $29,000 spent, and not one thing is finished. So instead of a few great before & after photos, I can only offer some “progress” updates.

When we moved in last fall, the weeds below the house and along the creek were waist-high. That was fixed with a whole lot of weed whacking, pruning, and chainsawing this spring, leaving the area looking pretty good. But Nick had something more in mind. Other than the tiny front and backyards, there was no level ground anywhere. We need a big garden, and a place for the boys to play. One weekend with a borrowed bobcat and Nick made huge progress! Granted the many retaining walls that need to be built will take years, but I’m pretty excited with the way things are shaping up. And once grass is planted and growing it’ll look that much better. Not to mention the added trails are pretty awesome!

The outside of the house is looking pretty scary and will remain that way until work continues on it after the winter. The log siding came down this spring, and new windows went in this summer. A moldy storage addition was also knocked down.

Although we bought all the materials for a new metal roof and Hardie board and batten siding, we ran out of time this fall. There’s too much rain to leave the roof exposed as the eaves are extended and sheathing is getting replaced. And the temperature needs to be over 55 to paint the Hardie.

If Home Depot didn’t screw up and forget to order one window, I could have called that project done. I could go on and on about our “adventure” with Home Depot and ordering windows, but suffice it to say that we ordered new windows in April and the install was supposed to be completed in May. It wasn’t done until September (and that’s only because Nick finished it).

Most of the foundation piers need to replaced and work began on that last winter. It’s not even close to being done, and there are jacks holding the sunroom addition up for now.

I have no idea how long the foundation fixing is going to go on for, but I can’t tile or install new hardwood floors until it’s done. So for the meantime, the carpeted areas got new carpet (and fresh paint) to make the house feel a little more livable.

The bedroom upstairs got a new navy grid accent wall, which unfortunately got partially destroyed when the window opening needed to be enlarged. Anderson couldn’t make the new window as small as the original. And since I insisted on having Anderson brand windows, the wall suffered the consequences. On the soon-to-do list that goes! The attic space suffered the same fate.

The wood paneling on the sunroom walls was way too much wood for me so I painted it white, and we installed cheap wood laminate over the old flooring. The room is small, but it makes a convenient emergency guest room for now. It will eventually be torn down when we do an addition on that side of the house, but we’re years away from that.

Other than getting drywall destroyed, the utility/laundry closet now has a new (NOT dangerous) electrical panel. The old hot water heater (which was ALWAYS running out of hot water) has been replaced with a tankless hot water heater. We’ve had it running for a few weeks now. For some reason on two occasions it would stop heating the water. I’m really hoping it doesn’t do that again. Especially since it cost $600.

The bathroom was first on the list to gut when we moved in. We didn’t even use it. Once. But tiling the tub surround and floors is delayed, so I had to come up with some temporary solutions. I silver-taped a cheap surround so we can take showers, and put down some cheap flooring to protect the subfloor.

The kitchen was unexpectedly gutted as soon as we moved in because mold from the bathroom made its way through to the kitchen. We bought new appliances right before we moved in. So the appliances, a utility sink, and a small island with a cooktop makes up our kitchen. After waiting to solve an electrical mystery, drywall was finally being installed YESTERDAY!

So there you have it. Lots started, nothing finished! With almost all the money I predicted we needed to spend to get the place in shipshape already spent, I’m beginning to think I once again severely underestimated. But with the materials for almost all the big ticket items already purchased, I may not be that much off. Here’s what’s left: – kitchen counters $1000? – hardwood flooring $1500 – doors $200 – baseboard trim $500? – lumber for new front and back porches $1500? – more blocks and cement for the foundation: $500? – landscaping/misc: $500 If we can stick to something close to those estimates, we will hit my guesstimate mark!


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  1. And don’t forget the $ to buy that wonderful hard-working husband of yours some good food that you will cook him in your soon to be functioning kitchen 🙂

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