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After 7 very long months of suffering, the red carpet in the living room is finally gone! Hickory hardwood flooring is actually the chosen material, but until the foundation is fixed I can’t install it. So I opted for more carpeting until that project happens (in the fall maybe?).


It took me a couple days to remove the existing flooring and to paint. The first day was short- just ripping out trim and living room crap clearing (it became a dump/storage for everything while the bedrooms were being worked on). I also busted out the tile by the entrance to the sunroom. Before the sunroom addition, the entry door was where this small tiled area was. That was easy going- just whack it with a hammer to break it all loose.

The second day was 10 hours of non-stop carpet removal and painting. I cut the carpeting into several smaller pieces to make hauling it off easier. Then I discovered doubled up tack strips (from 2 different installs) and a sea of endless staples. To no surprise at all, the subfloor is painted plywood. Like everywhere else in the house! I also discovered the subfloor is shot and will need to be completely replaced with the hardwood flooring project.


Some fresh paint and new carpet makes a world of difference. It’s definitely the best 300 bucks I’ve ever spent and I wish I did it sooner. It feels a little less like indoor camping. (Until I look at my non-existent kitchen and halfway finished bath…)






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