Washington Acres

Grass and Trails


I take the kids on a hike up the hill pretty much everyday of my days off. Getting to the trails used to be a rough task because the weeds were at least waist high until you crossed the creek to get to the trails.

After many months weed whacking, tree limbing, and brush burning, it turns out there was nice grass underneath it all. See you later weed jungle and hello fantastic lawn! Ridding this space of weeds makes such a difference. Unfortunately, it won’t stay like this forever since it doesn’t rain in the summer and the grass will die for a few months. It would be nice to set up a rainwater storage system so it can be watered over the summer. That’s somewhere on the to-do list.


Access to the trails has also been improved, and the “main” trail has been cleared. No more ducking under tree branches! I would ultimately like to widen the trails so we can take the four wheeler up there. But that’s a gigantic project. Maybe I’ll wait until the boys are older and give them the project to do! LOL

There are several apple trees along the trails on the hill, and there are at least half a dozen down by the house. I think I also have a couple cherry trees. I want to add apricot, pear, plum, and peach trees as well. Last week, a friend gave me a bunch of choke cherry seedlings for free, so I planted those next to the pump house. Next up on my list is planning and starting the garden.



3 thoughts on “Grass and Trails

  1. Spring is definitely well underway there. So beautiful! How many acres of land do you have?

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