Washington Acres

6 Months In!

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6 months at Washington Acres has passed! Lots has happened, but there’s still a ton of work to do. Let’s look at the progress made.

The bathroom was never used and was gutted the very first weekend. I can’t tile until the foundation is fixed, and there’s still the corners of the drywall to mud, prime, and paint. It’s still without a sink, but functioning with a tub and toilet.

The bedrooms got new paint and new carpeting. All the switches and outlets still need to replaced, and trim installed. Closets are still empty, but I have the doors and shelving purchased and ready to put in.

The loft and attic playroom was also painted and new carpeting was installed. Unfortunately, nothing in the living room has happened. Because I underestimated the foundation work completion, I decided to go ahead and do a Phase 1 for the flooring. I cannot live with the filthy red carpet (that we mostly trashed because we didn’t care), and went ahead and ordered new temporary carpeting. It’s different than what’s in the bedrooms because I bought clearance carpet no longer available. But I’m hoping that by the fall the foundation work will be complete and I can install hardwood flooring. Until then, I don’t want to suffer with gross carpet anymore! Even if it means wasting a few hundred bucks.


Other than a gut job and electrical confusion, the kitchen is also at a standstill. The dishwasher is still sitting in a box in the sunroom, and I’m hoping for electrical work and drywall to commence in the next few weeks.


All the log siding has been removed and is ready for new siding. Not sure when this is going to happen because the eves need to be extended and a new roof has to go up. Hopefully this summer. All new Anderson windows have also been ordered. The Home Depot installer will do the giant triangles in a couple weeks, and the rest will be installed DIY.

Log siding removed

A lot has happened outside other than siding removal too. Most of the brush has been cleared, trails cleaned, trees planted, and I’m loving the park-like grounds! More on that in another post.


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