Washington Acres

Attic Playroom


At the very top of the house is small room accessed by stairs in the 2nd level loft. It’s too short to stand up in, and the ceiling is sharply sloped. Not very useful to an adult other than serving as storage, but an excellent playroom for children. Unfortunately my camera was broken when I started working on the room, so the only before shot I have is from the October appraisal. But you get the idea. The access stairs still need a safe railing installed, and I’m planning on painting them and adding a runner. Ahh, the never ending to do list.

I generally enjoy painting, but this room was rough. I couldn’t stand up, reaching the bottom of the sharp ceiling angle was tough, and it was littered with hundreds of dead yellow jackets and other bugs. There was even a hole in the floor where our friendly woodpecker pecked his way in back in November. We even found him in the wine box once:

After a few weeks of painting bug-poop stained walls and patching the woodpecker hole, the carpet was installed and the room is no longer a bug graveyard. Here are some more after shots:


2 thoughts on “Attic Playroom

  1. Came out great! haha love the woodpecker shots

  2. Lol! The wine box one is my favorite. 🙂

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