Washington Acres

Desk facelift


The downstairs bedroom has a little nook with an awesome built in desk. Unfortunately, the finish has seen better days, and the white pulls with a floral print weren’t my style.

I decided to paint it white at the last minute. I was literally in the store about to buy some tan/gray paint. But I wanted a built-in look without being overwhelming. (I’m planning on putting some bookshelves above the desk to fill in the empty space.) So white it was. I sanded and re-stained the top since a white painted desk top will last about 2 seconds before I will get it scratched/dirty/stained.

I bought some cheap lattice trim and used the nail gun to attach it to all the drawer faces one rainy Sunday. There was a lot of wood-filling involved around the edges, as well as the old knob holes (NONE of them were on center!). It took a day, but looks a million times better.



2 thoughts on “Desk facelift

  1. love the white (and built in shelves above will look awesome)!

  2. Thank you! I thought I’d get the shelves in last weekend but an outlet is in the way and I want it moved first. Maybe next weekend! 🙂

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