Washington Acres

Paint & Carpet

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This a long overdue update. There is finally fresh paint and new carpet in both bedrooms! It took me a few weeks to get all the painting done, but it’s finally finished and I can move on to other things.

Both bedrooms were carpeted, as well as the loft. I got really cheap in stock carpet that was actually on clearance, as well as the cheapest carpet pad. It cost just under $700. Not too bad for 3 rooms. And by the time it starts to show some wear, I hope to be able to put in fancy hardwoods everywhere. But in the meantime, it’s clean. And kiddos like playing on carpet anyway.

Upstairs bedroom

Upstairs bedroom

Downstairs bedroom

Downstairs bedroom

I was planning on installing the carpeting myself, but there would have been no cost savings after tool rental and a lot of time involved. Not to mention I might have messed it up because I’ve never done it before. Home Depot only charged $47 for the entire install (I guess they make their money selling the material instead). So I just removed the old stuff and kicked back while their installer did the hard work.

The third floor “crow’s nest” is also set for new carpeting on April 3rd. I just need to finish painting it and put in underlayment. Our friendly woodpecker pecked his way through the subfloor and made the room his new hangout. And so did a few hundred yellow jackets and ladybugs. More on that adventure in a future post…


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