Washington Acres

Downstairs Bedroom Progress


It took me two weekends, but I’m FINALLY done painting the downstairs bedroom. Ok, I still have to do some touch-ups here and there and the closet isn’t done yet, but it’s pretty close to done.

I originally wanted to do built-ins on the wall behind the bed, but now I don’t think there’s enough room for them. I’ll save the idea for a future (bigger) bedroom with the addition.

After painting everything white last week, I decided on a charcoal accent wall. The photo on the left is what I’m going for, the one on the right is the room so far.

I’m so happy to be rid of the Barbie pink walls! I ended up needing 3 coats of white paint on the wall, 2 on the ceiling and 2 more for the accent wall. I can’t wait to furnish and decorate! I hate carpeting, but hardwood throughout is just not in the budget. So I ordered carpet for this room and the upstairs. At least the living room will get fancy hardwoods this spring.


2 thoughts on “Downstairs Bedroom Progress

  1. Looking good! I guess you do love charcoal and grey as much as I do 😛 The built-ins are a great idea. Where do you find a lot of these pics you post for inspiration?

  2. Thanks! I do a lot of good ol’ google image searches, and I’m a total houzz.com junkie. Check it out! 🙂

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