Washington Acres

Painting the Boys room


This weekend I got most of the boys room painted. I was going to (finally) use the paint sprayer for the first time to do the grid wall, but I was too lazy to prep/set it up so I opted for a foam roller instead. The grid wall needed 3 coats but it went surprisingly quick. The rest of the room needed just one coat of flat white.

I still have to remove the old electric baseboard heater and paint the wall it’s on. I have a new (not brown!) baseboard heater to replace it with.

I also managed to remove the old carpeting, tack strips and a million staples. I was expecting to see the subfloor underneath, but I found old peel and sticks tiles instead. I’m not sure if I’m going to bother removing it or not. It’s kind of in bad shape. The old mirrored closet doors also came out.

Another surprise- rot below one of the windows! Looks like we have some more subfloor replacing to do. I think I will need another month to finish the room. Slow progress is still progress!


2 thoughts on “Painting the Boys room

  1. The grid wall looks great! Just like the inspiration.

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