Washington Acres

More Photoshop Fun


Sick of looking at the log siding, I thought it would be fun to Photoshop the house in the planned board and batten siding. Originally set on a gray or neutral color, I saw this house and was in love.

Planning on getting board and batten siding like this house

Planning on getting board and batten siding like this house

And it just so happens the shape is very similar to my house so I knew that the overall design would work. So for now, I’m loving this reddish-brown color (just not on log siding!). Here’s what it would look like (with a badly Photoshopped addition bumping out the front).


What the planned improvements might look like

And another version with lots of solar panels, a living wall, and the required flying pigs to make it all happen!


What the house will look like…when pigs fly!


3 thoughts on “More Photoshop Fun

  1. krasny prasatka!!!!!!

  2. I love this sight. My husband and I looked at this house in June of 2013 and I fell love with it. However I couldn’t even get him to think about it when he saw how much work it needed. We ended up buying a place up Lewis peak and moved up here in August. I then sent my son and his wife to look at it, but still the same, they didn’t think they could handle the work. I love that sun area in the front entrance. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. I had all kinds of great ideas for that place. However the peacocks were screaming their head off while we were there. I wasn’t sure if I could get used to that. LOL

    • Wow! Please give your husband a big hug and a big THANKS! from me for not wanting this house! Same to your son and his wife! 😉 We looked at the house around April/May 2013 and also fell in love. Well actually, I fell in love before seeing it. I found the listing on Zillow.com and knew I wanted it without seeing it. But a lot of things needed to fall into place, including needing to sell my Pendleton house first. Thankfully my house sold quickly, but then I was on maternity leave after having my second son. I made an offer in September, and closed on October 31st. I was THRILLED! The property is such a special place; I really couldn’t imagine living in a better place. The house needs a lot of work, but I’m a sucker for weird contemporary homes and it’ll be worth every drop of sweat.

      I totally hear you about the peacocks! LOL They are beautiful, but boy do they sound scary! They pretty much abandoned the property before we even moved in and hang out a lot at the neighbors since they started feeding them. And I don’t think they’re fond of my border collie!

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