Washington Acres

Just for fun


With all the work that needs to get done, I don’t see replacing the log siding and windows on the to-do list this year. Unfortunately, the log siding is faded and dirty and looks terrible. So as much as I hate log siding on the this type of home, I might have to live with it for another year or two. If that’s case, I might as well paint it. I have two favorite houses (in my ideas page) that I thought would make good color choices. So I had a little photoshop fun.


I started with a photo of the house and used Sherwin William’s color visualizer to “paint” the siding. Then I did some more (bad!) editing in Paint and Photoshop. It’s quick and dirty and a graphic artist would give me the stink eye, but I think it’s useful (if only useful to me). As much as I love the orangey house with the funky architectural detail, it needs too much to make it work on my house (like, an architect. And lots of money.) So I’m leaning toward a medium warm gray like the photo on the right (since I need to work with white trim around the existing windows anyway). What do you think?



3 thoughts on “Just for fun

  1. love the grey. Although grey is one of my favorite colors so I always tend to gravitate towards it.

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