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Ringing in the New Year with HEAT! FINALLY!

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We knew that a new heating system was needed long before we bought the house. The primary heating source was a propane stove, with a couple electric baseboards (one in the bathroom, one in the upstairs bedroom ). At the very beginning of December, I calculated how much propane we burned for the month of November. Almost $400!!! And we weren’t even at the house for a lot of the month, and it never got warmer than 65 degrees.

So we decided to go ahead and get a new heating system now. I called the installer (who provided us with an estimate a week or two earlier), who said he can probably install the following week, and then our propane ran out. The meter said we still had 25%, but the stove wasn’t getting anything. So we borrowed a bunch of space heaters, anticipating an install in a week.

Space heaters EVERYWHERE

Space heaters EVERYWHERE

Well, after almost a month, we finally have heat! We ended up getting a ductless heat pump (3 ton Fujitsu) with two indoor units (18,000 btu inverters). The total cost was just under $6k ($5388 plus $479 tax). Our local utility has a rebate for $800, and we’re hoping to sell the Blaze King propane stove for $1000-$1500 to help offset the cost. But considering that it would have cost $400-500 a month to burn propane, the new system will pay for itself in two winters.

So far the system runs great. It’s a toasty 75 inside! We’ll see how our electric bill will fare, but it’s estimated that the annual cost is $328, while propane is $2502 (based on 2009 dollars, from a going ductless propaganda brochure). Visit goingductless.com to learn more!


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