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Bathroom walls and smoking outlets

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Lots happened this past weekend! My internet box was toasted and a space heater neared explosion. A new electric panel went in while more drywall (and dead mice) came out. We have all bathroom walls in and even a floor (but no toilet again). And the much anticipated new heating system still hasn’t been installed (more on that in another post).

The first undertaking was the electrical panel replacement. I had nothing to do with this- other than taking before and progress photos, and being the unfortunate one to discover a regular 110 volt outlet was accidentally wired for 220 volts. Good bye borrowed space heater, see ya later internet box! Work continues on this…

In bathroom news, we finally have walls! The wall between the bathroom and kitchen had to be rebuilt, which took a couple weeks. I also learned that putting greenboard around a tub is a stupid move and that was corrected after the fact by installing 1/2″ cement board. Now that the walls are up, I can get my hands dirty again.

After cleaning up the drywall mess, I taped and started mudding the seams of the cement board to prep it for tile. I also put down a temporary floor since I can’t install tile there until the foundation issues are corrected (hopefully this spring). As much as I hate vinyl, it’s better than leaving the new subfloor exposed to dirt and water over the next several months. Here’s Micah enjoying bathroom progress!



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